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About Positive Transitions

Helping you develop real strategies to reach ambitious goals!

Shante Nicole founded Positive Transitions with a simple goal in mind: to help professionals like you find your purpose, become a better leader, and live a more purposeful career. A Gallup Certified Strengths coach (International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification in progress), I’ve been coaching individuals and teams for five years. I obtained a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Ph.D. in-progress) with a concentration in Human Resources Management. I have 20+ years of experience in the public sector and entrepreneurship. My professional expertise includes employee engagement, professional development, change management, team-building, data and research analysis, and leadership development.

I became a coach because I have always been committed to helping people recognize their talents and identify their purpose. As a career and mindset coach and OrgDev consultant, my combination of experience and I/O psychology education enables me to understand what it takes to thrive in your career or business. My philosophy is to help my clients to develop a positive, strengths-based mindset where their individual growth and development are at the forefront. I believe in empowering my clients by helping them to leverage the best of who they are.

Shante’s Top 5 Signature Strengths

Relator | Individualization | Learner | Strategic | Responsibility